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Busan Jagalchi Festival

  • Busan Jagalchi Festival 1
  • Busan Jagalchi Festival 2
  • When Every October
  • Place Jalgalchi Market, Yongdusan Park
  • Host/ Supervision Busan Jagalchi Culture and Tourism Festival Committee

Detailed introduction

Every year in October, Korea’s largest aquatic festival is held in the Jalgalchi Market, the main tourist spot in Busan’s south port, where Busan people live their lives along with the Jagalchi Ajime (fish monger women).

With the slogan of the festival: ‘Oiso!, Boiso!, Saiso!’ (Come, look around, and buy!), Jalgalchi Festival has been held since 1992 and it has been established by a private organization since 1996 and has been holding events.

During the Jagalchi Festival, which is held every autumn, there are various cultural and art performances including “Yongsinje” (the Sea God festival), “Mansunje” (the festival of returning with a full load of fish), and a street parade. Also, there are a variety of activities that visitors can participate in such as a surprise aquatic auction, fish catching with bare hands, eel and octopus relay running, and the making of the world’s largest bibimbap(steamed rice with assorted mixture of meats and vegetables). The fireworks show in front of Jagalchi Market waterfront space on the southern sea is especially enjoyable to see.

Not only Jagalchi Market, but also festival is held in the Yurari Square and the Gwangbok-ro and the festival contributes greatly to the revitalization of the local economy.