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I welcome all of residents and netizens who visited the homepage of Jung-gu, new change, happier junggu.

Jung-gu is a city with memories and romance of Korea’s modern and contemporary history including Yeongdo Bridge, Gukje Market, 40 Steps, Bosu-dong Book Alley, and Yongdusan Park.
It is a charming city where the five senses are enjoyable, with plenty of attractions and colorful entertainment including Bupyeong Kkangtong Night Market, Busan Christmas Tree Culture Festival, Jagalchi Festival, and Movie Experience Museum.

In addition, Jung-gu has been rejuvenated by the northern harbor redevelopment project, national temporary water capital symbol street of Daecheong-ro, reorganization of Yongdusan Park and global luxury market development of the Gukje and Jagalchi market. Jung-gu is a city with hope where the future is more expected.

Jung-gu is the city where is full of memories, romance, charm and hope. I would like to have a lot of your affection and interest of Jung-gu. I will open up a happy future with your precious opinions as a driving force and I will focus on development of Jung-gu’s capacity.